The Project

"Entrepreneursip Education is essential not only to shape the mind-sets of young people, but also to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture."

Cit. Entrepreneurship Education at School in Europe (Eurydice Report)

ENTOS purposes

ENTOS aims to empower sport teachers’ entrepreneurial attitude, thanks to which they can develop innovative sport activities for their students based on entrepreneurship education at the same time. 

ENTOS is an innovative student-centred approach that doesn’t require any additional resources to be implemented; rather, its main objective is to add an entrepreneurial attitude to the already existing creative-dimension of sport at school. 

Expected results

To create the entrepreneurial teachers’ mindset

who are the key factors in educational excellence

To develop students entrepreneurial competences through sport

Self-esteem, teamwork, problem-solving, goal-orientation, risk-taking, time management, strategic thinking, communication, leadership, etc.

To offer teachers a concrete entrepreneurship methodology & tools

that empowers their teaching-practices with a strong impact on students

To increase the quality of VET education

which will benefit from an innovative pedagogical approach.

Competence Framework